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    Home > News/Articles > BPPA Committee roles

    BPPA Committee roles

    Golf Society Secretary
    Responsible for the organisation and co-ordination of Golf Society activities, maintains list of Golf players, arranges tournaments between BPPA, other Premiership Clubs and local Combination Clubs
    Combination Club Representative
    Responsible for ensuring that 2 way communications between the BPPA and the local Combination Clubs is maintained, reports on pertinent matters and issues raised during the Combination Club Committee meetings, liaises with local Clubs to ensure exchange of ideas is continued, encourages event... [Read More]
    Membership Secretary
    Responsible for ensuring that membership records are maintained, helps to ensure that the membership database is kept up to date, ensures that membership fees are paid on time, provides the focal point for developing new members, prepares plans for attracting new members, monitors late / non... [Read More]
    Welfare Officer
    Responsible for gathering information about sick members, focal point for gathering / distributing information on the sick, carries out visits to ailing members as appropriate, ensures BPPA attendance at funerals, arranges "medicine" for distribution to the sick, reports to BPPA Committee on the... [Read More]
    Rugby Old Times Editor
    Responsible for the collation of information, collation and distribution of ROT / Flyer communications, collects articles, photographs from members, collates and edits material into a publication, recommends periodicity of ROT / Flyers, liaises with appropriate printing houses , arranges envelopes,... [Read More]
    Development Officer
    Development Officer Responsible for providing suggestions and plans for the development of the BPPA in the best interests of the membership, creates a sub committee to review the future direction and development of the BPPA (consisting of but not limited to Activities Officer, Communications... [Read More]
    Assistant Secretary
    Assistant Secretary Assists in carrying out secretarial tasks as requested, carries out secretarial activities when the Honorary Secretary is indisposed
    Honarary Treasurer
    Treasurer Elected at the AGM, maintains financial accounts on behalf of the BPPA, prepares and publishes annual Accounts for the BPPA, presents them at the AGM, carries out financial arrangements as decided by the BPPA Committee, controls BPPA income and expenditure, advises BPPA Committee on the... [Read More]
    Honorary Secretary
    Secretary Elected at the AGM, responsible for taking minutes to record business conducted in BPPA Committee meetings and AGMs. Prime point of contact and correspondent for BPPA affairs, keeps adequate supplies of BPPA headed notepaper for official use by the President, Chairman and Secretary.... [Read More]
    Chairman Elected by the BPPA Committee at the first meeting after the AGM,. Presides over the BPPA Committee meetings, normal spokesperson for the BPPA, ensures that Committee meeting agenda items are tabled appropriately, ensures that BPPA business is conducted in a professional and effective... [Read More]


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