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    Home > News/Articles > History of the Past Players Association

    History of the Past Players Association

    What the Association is about

    The BPPA Emblem
    Appears on all the latest Rugby Old Times First appeared in ???? The original painting hangs in the Bath Presidents Bar on the Recreation Ground
    Time for Change ?
    Since the days of professional rugby football(1995) the role of the Bath RFC Old Players Association has been somewhat unclear and often confusing. Does it still stand for the ex-professional players or is it just for the amateurs? Is it outdated or is it long term? Does it need to change with the... [Read More]
    BPPA Logo
    Your Committee decided that we should have a BPPA Logo to show the public who we are.
    The Drum
    When speaking of a drum one might think of splitting ear drums, concrete mixer drums or even tombola drums but within the Bath Old Players Association THE DRUM revives memories of days gone by when Herr Dirtslinger Cyril Bailey, late of the Kensington Light Horse, took command of the Combined Bands... [Read More]
    The Benevolent Fund
    Les was one of the founder members of the Old Players Association and remembered that in his early days, Arthur Francis, a very good back row player for the Bath 1st XV, died suddenly leaving a widow and 2 young children The Members wanted to do something to help the family so set about raising... [Read More]
    The Rules of the Bath Past Players Association
    1 That the title of the Association be the Bath Football Club Past Players Association 2 That the objectives of the Association be: to promote and foster the game of rugby football union ; to encourage the past players of the Bath Football Club (or if applicable it's successor body) to further... [Read More]
    Who are we?
    The Bath Past Players Association is open to anyone who played more than one game for ANY of the Bath RFC teams, whatever level. The Association aims to maintain and promote the camaraderie, friendship and fellowship generated during the playing years We boast the largest membership (currently... [Read More]
    The Bath Old Players Anthem
    It is sung to the tune of “I’ve gotta Motto” – does anyone know how it goes? Here are the words: Many the time we’ve played the game Many amongst us had no fame We are united under a name We’ve played on the right side We’ve gotta motto The Bath FC is all right Look around... [Read More]
    The Bath Past Players Association
    At the Annual General meeting in July 2005 there was an overwhelming majority in favour of changing the Association name from "Old Players" to "Past Players" The change was initiated and formally proposed by the Development Sub Committee who felt that "Past Players" was more acceptable and... [Read More]
    The BOPA 50th Anniversary Celebrations
    In 2001, the Bath Football Club Old Players Association reached it's 50th birthday. Th Committee at that time decided to arrange a Dinner to celebrate and would invite as many old players as possible. The Dinner would be held in the Pavilion, Bath and would be attended by the Mayor of Bath

    The Annual Smokers
    Rugby Old Times
    The Bath Old Players Association
    The Bath RFC Song

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