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    Home > News/Articles > Skittles


    Started in 1997 by Derek Stent to encourage local involvement in the Bath Old Players Association

    Skittles Mar 1952
    The Bath Old Players took on Combe Down RFC in a skittles match at the King William pub. The occasion is worthy of note as it was one of many more enjoyable get-togethers, fostering good fellowship through to the modern era. The "Downites" won a very keen game by the narrow margin of 3 legs to 2.... [Read More]
    Skittles March 2008
    On Friday 14th March 2008 the match was played at Combe Down's clubhouse. The alley is notoriously 'difficult' and I have experience of it from previous visits there. However, on this occasion a plucky side of BPPs took it on and came away with a creditable draw, no mean feat up there I can tell... [Read More]
    Skittles January 2008
    This was played at the Royal Oak in Widcombe on January 22nd 2008. Playing for us we had a team of 8 comprising Derek Stent,David Peters, Les Pring, Kathy and Dave Flower, Glynn Warbutton and Ken Jones. Les won the 'chocolates' with a score of 36 followed by Kathy and Derek on 35. It was close... [Read More]
    Skittles March /April 2007
    Bath PPA v Oldfield Old Boys Monday March 26th 2007. Oldfield, without an alley of their own made a return visit to the Dolphin as the ‘home’ team and came with 11 players eager to ‘stuff us’ as they did two weeks ago! Due to a variety of reasons I was only able to field 5 players from my... [Read More]
    Skittles April 2008
    April 16th . This match was played at the Royal Oak in Widcombe and was notable for a number of things, one of which was that the match ended in a draw This is odd as 5, 7 or 9 legs are played to ensure that there is a winner. We really only had time for 6 legs as we started late and had to "stick... [Read More]
    Skittles late 2007
    BATH PPA v AVONVALE Tuesday Nov 20th 2007. Having had the benefit of visiting Avonvale on the day we ‘Sponsored the match ball’ last season, I remembered roughly where the clubhouse was. So when asked for directions from others that had not been there before I was able to say, “Up the hill to... [Read More]
    Skittles March 2007
    Bath PPA v Oldfield Old Boys Monday March 12th 2007. This was the first time we have played Oldfield, a match that was long overdue, considering we have been playing since 1997. The photograph (thank you Kath Flower) shows both teams after the game, which was won by Oldfield 4-1 Oldfield... [Read More]
    Skittles February 2007
    Bath BPP v Bath Supporters Club Monday February 12th 2007. We had two matches lined up against the ever-popular BSC. I say popular because they bring along some of the lady members and that enables me to invite the wives of our players. This usually helps to create a ‘family’ atmosphere and... [Read More]

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