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    Home > Forum > Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > To Win or not to Win


    To Win or not to Win
    Started November 25, 2010 @ 7:39pm by geoffpillinger
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    Posts: 11
    To Win or not to WinNovember 25, 2010 @ 7:39pm
    I could not help being surprised and appalled at Steve Meehan's comments after losing at home to Saracens. He is reported as saying that the loss was not crucial and that there were many positives from the game!
    Well, from what I could see Bath did not come out of the dressing room after halftime. The whole team seemed laid back as if victory would come by right, not by playing the right game.
    Nick Abendanon (half concussed but allowed to stay on the field) made two basic errors - one in attack and one in defence. Both ended in scores for the opposition. Even then Bath seemed to be going through the motions - I presume set game plans for this situation - and proceeded to gift the game to Saracens.

    Forgive me but I thought Bath, under Bruce Craig, had set out to rule the game both at Premiership and European levels. How then can the senior Coach say it's OK to lose, we've got some positives to work on!

    I remain confused by the coaching approach and the so say game plan. I would suggest a very rapid relook at both is urgently required

    Posts: 9
    Recent resultsNovember 28, 2010 @ 10:33pm
    I totally agree, Geoff, (seems we are on the same wavelength at the moment). I didn,t see either Saracens or Wasps but Meehans comments make little sense. I cannot see us doing another Houdini act this season and getting to the play offs, and, in fact, I am rather relieved that Leeds seem to be down and out already! or else ....
    We desperately need 2 props and a second row. Other positions are being filled with youngsters but none seems to be given an extended run. Exeter are showing everyone how guts and pride can make up for so-called big names.
    Finally, Banahan as a centre..... (?) ,. No way.

    Tom Martland

    Posts: 9
    European RugbyJanuary 22, 2011 @ 6:05pm
    Once again,out of Europe after another inept display. I didn't think that Biarritz were much better either. Inability to keep our patience and work through phases seems to predominate our game. Other sides get through 15 + phases of keep ball, Bath through about 4 and then kick ,drop it,or get turned over. Hopeless!

    Have Hape and Barkley ever been introduced to each other?
    Roll on the end of the season.

    Tom Martland

    Posts: 11
    January 27, 2011 @ 7:18pm
    I agree with your comments Tom, another display which didn't portray the Bath players as "professional". How is it possible to play so badly and make so many basic errors when you are a full time player?
    At present the only way for Bath is down the League - unless of course other clubs decide to play just as badly or even worse! I really wonder how much work is put in on individual skills as opposed to defence. There seems to be an imbalance between the two at present.
    There was a glimpse of what can be achieved when we played Aironi but we don't seem to be able to play that way against the better sides.
    Again there are comments by the coaches that everyone is working really hard and fitness levels are high. If this is the case, why are they players not able to catch, pass or hold on to the ball and why are we not getting improvements on the field?
    As you say Tom, another opportunity in Europe goes begging and all we can say is "if only.... " It doesn't look very professional to me and I'm sure Bruce Craig and Nick Blofeld are not happy, even though they say they are when interviewed. Sorry to say, diplomacy will not improve our game and will not win us games in the future. There needs to be some changes made very quickly if we are to salvage anything from this season
    Geoff Pillinger

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