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    Home > Forum > Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > new ideas


    new ideas
    Started February 10, 2011 @ 10:50am by j.o.rees
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    new ideasFebruary 10, 2011 @ 10:50am
    I read with great interest Geoff and Tom's observations on recent games played by Bath. I agree with much of the comments particuarly the misplaced emphasis on defence, and the pride in making so many tackles.
    I have always believed that the team fighting and winning every ball 'calls the shots '
    With this in mind, note in so many of todays games only one or two fighting for ball in ruck and maul, leaving 12 or more players, dotted at five yard intervals across the field ready to DEFEND. Gaps are, therefore, difficult to find, so we go back to the old days of RUN BRAVELY INTO A BRICK WALL
    With defences constantly up so tight,thus stopping the game have any momentum,I believe a very radical approach to coaching is needed to get us out of this rutt.
    To make the opposition wary, and create panic in their ranks, coach AS YOU HAVE NEVER COACHED BEFORE ALL SORTS OF KICKING SKILLS, AND THESE SKILLS UNDER EXTREME PRESSURE. If the quality of the kicking is 'top drawer ' then I believe you force the opposition back, make them turn, create a waryness of coming up too tight, and in general terms you will have a 75% ball to their 25% !!
    Obviously[email][/email] the key players for this will be the no, but there will be ample chance for EVERYONE IN THE TEAM.
    This stratege will not be more boring than the present drap tactics, and if we are the first to adopt it, then hopefully defences will fall back, space will once again appear and we could be back to the ;good old days.
    Fat chance of this happening but think about it.!!
    john rees

    Posts: 9
    Have your sayFebruary 16, 2011 @ 7:17pm
    Despite all my previous doom and gloom comments I was pleasantly surprised,nay, almost amazed, by our unadventurous, yet profitable tactics at Sale. The conditions cried out for territory, not fancy handling, and we delivered. Kick downfield and let the other side give the penalties away ! It would appear that some of the coaching staff and players may well have a few CSE's after all. Well done!


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