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    Home > Forum > Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > Bath Rugby Woes


    Bath Rugby Woes
    Started December 29, 2009 @ 9:49am by geoffpillinger
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    Bath Rugby WoesDecember 29, 2009 @ 9:49am
    I agree with Tom Martland entirely. There seems to be a lack of 'oomph' in the Bath play this year, as if no one wants to take the responsibility of moving the game forward. The 'purchase' of Luke Watson is fine but he needs people to feed off him and also people to feed him. He cannot be a 'saviour' on his own. For me, the likes of Grewcock, Bell, Flatman and Mears must stand up to plate and lead from the front.
    However, I do feel that Bath win a tremendous amount of ball which they then squander by turnovers , bad kicking or bad decision making. The back division is trying to play a very flat game but there is no one coming onto the ball at pace or varying the angle of attack. Defenses are so good in the Premiership that just passing along a flat line will not get you anywhere. The likes of Banahan and Cuthbert need time to get up speed so the centres need to create time and space for them. Like Tom, I fear that Abendanon seems to have one leg and for a chasing flank forward that makes life easier. His real talent lies in his ability to counterattack but he needs better support to make this happen.
    I hope that the heart to heart with Nick Blofeld has helped to stimulate more desire in the players but judging from the comments after the Gloucester game Bath is a long way away from being a focused close knit side capable of moving up the table.
    Perhaps they need a one to one input from the Past Players? Any offers?

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