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    Home > Forum > Announcements > Births, Deaths and Marriages > Russel Colwill


    Russel Colwill
    Started May 1, 2009 @ 9:28am by derekstent
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    Russel ColwillMay 1, 2009 @ 9:28am
    It is noted in the press that the funeral of Russell is to take place at Haycombe on Friday May the 8th at 10.30am
    Although as I understand it, Russell never played for Bath he was well known to many of us and I can remember seeing him in the clubhouse on many an occasion.
    He served in the army and later with the Bath police where he was recognised as a popular policeman.
    His rugby was as an Old Sulian and the Bath Police making him well known in the community. Fitness was his forte as he had been a Physical Training Instuctor. His long illness was a sad ending for such a popular man and we send our condolances to his wife Joyce and son Paul.
    Peter Sibley

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    Russel ColwillMay 1, 2009 @ 10:25am
    I am sad to read of Russel's death, after such a lengthy debilitating illness. He was instrumental in introducing new standards of fitness during my years as captain in the late 60's, particularly in his pre-season exhausting sessions. It was nice to catch up with him on the golf course in later years.

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    Russel ColwillMay 1, 2009 @ 11:40am
    Russel was a respected policeman and a really good bloke!. I remember going out on a Christmas day jolly with Jimmy Blackmore ( a fellow policeman ) We called in on Russel and his wife, totally unexpected. Not only did he/ they make us welcome, but I seem to remember we finished off the sherry cabinet in the process!!.Rest in peace Russel. Roger Elliott[email][/email]

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    Russell ColwillMay 1, 2009 @ 3:35pm
    I echo the sentiments of other Past Players. Russell was a genuine good guy, always cheerful and supportive. I had not heard of him for some considerable time, but it still saddens me. Tom Martland

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    russ colwillMay 2, 2009 @ 10:15am
    When I first arrived in Bath,there was a very flourishing Bath and County Athletic Club. I joined in the summer months and Russ and I represented the Club in the 100yards ;200 yards and the 4 x 100 yards relay.We trained at the City of Bath playing fields and as the years went by several of our past players represented the club in their various disciplines --Morton Evans,pole vault, Geoff Hancock 400 yards and relay,John Cousins 100 yards .Bob Olredge field events and there must be many more.! Russ was extremely popular, had a fine physique, was an exceptionally gifted boxer, loved his exhausting training sessions,and was totally integrated in various ways in the city of Bath.He was a most respected policeman in that good 'old fashioned way ' and took great interest in bringing on young and enthusiastic athletes to the club.We used to share transport to get to the different matches, and it was always of great interest to note other rugby players in the teams from Bristol and Gloucester in particular.Russ was a true gentleman and carried his responsibilities in the force with authority and dignity. We lost contact when I went abroad ,but I have exceptionally fond memories of Russ
    John Rees

    ps Anyone with photos of Bath and County Athletic Club in those days.? As I recall, a constant reporter of the Bath Chronicle at the time was Bob Foulkes.Is Bob still around to look into the Chronicle Archives.?

    Last Edit: May 2, 2009 @ 10:18am by j.o.rees

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