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    Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > Recently discovered footage: Queensland vs. Bath 1990 (Go To Message)
    Recently discovered footage: Queensland vs. Bath 1990November 13, 2011 @ 11:26am

    Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > the world cup (Go To Message)
    The World CupNovember 8, 2011 @ 2:57pm
    Sorry, John, but I disagree with your view that the World Cup was enjoyable to watch. Yes, Wales,Ireland,at times, and France in the final ,did try to play some rugby. The rest was an aimless, overcoached waste of time and not really worth early morning viewing. Many sides, notably England, were lost when penalties went astray since they usually rely on about half a dozen per match. Who fiddled with the balls ?
    Nothing new came out of the competition and I shall not look forward to the next one with any enthusiasm. Bring on the Olympics and some fresh sporting viewing. Tom Martland
    Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > the world cup (Go To Message)
    the world cupNovember 2, 2011 @ 1:16pm
    I did so enjoy much of the world cup,particularly ,in my case, the performance of the welsh team throughout the competition. Shame that so many quality games were lost by poor kicking.
    It was so sad to see the failure of the english team to light up the tournament.Several players and indeed coaches ,were beyond their sell by date.!!
    I am glad that the Blacks won,albeit with some help from the ref --and was so interested to note that Rougerie got Ma Nonu down in secionds every time, and this certainly upset the N.Z as he had, up until then, gone through the opposition without challenge. The french, in my oppinion had the finest lines out jumping and throwing team in the contest.The props steadied the ship, and the back row were absolutely superb,both as a unit and individually.
    The six nations should be a classic as all the teams will have something to prove, but in very different ways[[email][/email]
    Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > new ideas (Go To Message)
    Have your sayFebruary 16, 2011 @ 7:17pm
    Despite all my previous doom and gloom comments I was pleasantly surprised,nay, almost amazed, by our unadventurous, yet profitable tactics at Sale. The conditions cried out for territory, not fancy handling, and we delivered. Kick downfield and let the other side give the penalties away ! It would appear that some of the coaching staff and players may well have a few CSE's after all. Well done!

    Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > new ideas (Go To Message)
    new ideasFebruary 10, 2011 @ 10:50am
    I read with great interest Geoff and Tom's observations on recent games played by Bath. I agree with much of the comments particuarly the misplaced emphasis on defence, and the pride in making so many tackles.
    I have always believed that the team fighting and winning every ball 'calls the shots '
    With this in mind, note in so many of todays games only one or two fighting for ball in ruck and maul, leaving 12 or more players, dotted at five yard intervals across the field ready to DEFEND. Gaps are, therefore, difficult to find, so we go back to the old days of RUN BRAVELY INTO A BRICK WALL
    With defences constantly up so tight,thus stopping the game have any momentum,I believe a very radical approach to coaching is needed to get us out of this rutt.
    To make the opposition wary, and create panic in their ranks, coach AS YOU HAVE NEVER COACHED BEFORE ALL SORTS OF KICKING SKILLS, AND THESE SKILLS UNDER EXTREME PRESSURE. If the quality of the kicking is 'top drawer ' then I believe you force the opposition back, make them turn, create a waryness of coming up too tight, and in general terms you will have a 75% ball to their 25% !!
    Obviously[email][/email] the key players for this will be the no, but there will be ample chance for EVERYONE IN THE TEAM.
    This stratege will not be more boring than the present drap tactics, and if we are the first to adopt it, then hopefully defences will fall back, space will once again appear and we could be back to the ;good old days.
    Fat chance of this happening but think about it.!!
    john rees
    Announcements > In the news > Edna Dando (Go To Message)
    Edna DandoFebruary 5, 2011 @ 8:57am
    Those of us who remember Cecil Dando will be pleased to know that his widow Edna, and son Nigel, were both featured in the Chronicle Thursday Feb 3rd on the occasion of Edna's 100th birthday.
    I was fortunate enough to be invited to the gathering at Bathampton Manor that was celebrating the occasion where I took some photos destined for ROT.
    Edna was of course one of our Tea Ladies who unfortunately has not been able to join our annual outings for a while due to mobility problems, but is well remembered by the ladies that can attend.
    Other Discussions > Where are they now > Tim Unwin writes to us as follows: (Go To Message)
    John WestJanuary 28, 2011 @ 10:20am
    Hello John
    It is very good to hear from you and I send good wishes from all here in Bath and Combe Down although The " Down" could do with someone like you these days as they seem to be struggling even to get 15 players on the field for a first team game!
    The professional era has wrought havoc on the game at grass roots level and many local clubs here in Bath that you will know are finding it difficult as youngsters these days prefer to watch the "professionals" rather than play the game themselves

    Hope all is well with you in any event

    Brendan Perry
    Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > To Win or not to Win (Go To Message)
    January 27, 2011 @ 7:18pm
    I agree with your comments Tom, another display which didn't portray the Bath players as "professional". How is it possible to play so badly and make so many basic errors when you are a full time player?
    At present the only way for Bath is down the League - unless of course other clubs decide to play just as badly or even worse! I really wonder how much work is put in on individual skills as opposed to defence. There seems to be an imbalance between the two at present.
    There was a glimpse of what can be achieved when we played Aironi but we don't seem to be able to play that way against the better sides.
    Again there are comments by the coaches that everyone is working really hard and fitness levels are high. If this is the case, why are they players not able to catch, pass or hold on to the ball and why are we not getting improvements on the field?
    As you say Tom, another opportunity in Europe goes begging and all we can say is "if only.... " It doesn't look very professional to me and I'm sure Bruce Craig and Nick Blofeld are not happy, even though they say they are when interviewed. Sorry to say, diplomacy will not improve our game and will not win us games in the future. There needs to be some changes made very quickly if we are to salvage anything from this season
    Geoff Pillinger
    Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > To Win or not to Win (Go To Message)
    European RugbyJanuary 22, 2011 @ 6:05pm
    Once again,out of Europe after another inept display. I didn't think that Biarritz were much better either. Inability to keep our patience and work through phases seems to predominate our game. Other sides get through 15 + phases of keep ball, Bath through about 4 and then kick ,drop it,or get turned over. Hopeless!

    Have Hape and Barkley ever been introduced to each other?
    Roll on the end of the season.

    Tom Martland
    Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > To Win or not to Win (Go To Message)
    Recent resultsNovember 28, 2010 @ 10:33pm
    I totally agree, Geoff, (seems we are on the same wavelength at the moment). I didn,t see either Saracens or Wasps but Meehans comments make little sense. I cannot see us doing another Houdini act this season and getting to the play offs, and, in fact, I am rather relieved that Leeds seem to be down and out already! or else ....
    We desperately need 2 props and a second row. Other positions are being filled with youngsters but none seems to be given an extended run. Exeter are showing everyone how guts and pride can make up for so-called big names.
    Finally, Banahan as a centre..... (?) ,. No way.

    Tom Martland

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