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    Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > To Win or not to Win (Go To Message)
    To Win or not to WinNovember 25, 2010 @ 7:39pm
    I could not help being surprised and appalled at Steve Meehan's comments after losing at home to Saracens. He is reported as saying that the loss was not crucial and that there were many positives from the game!
    Well, from what I could see Bath did not come out of the dressing room after halftime. The whole team seemed laid back as if victory would come by right, not by playing the right game.
    Nick Abendanon (half concussed but allowed to stay on the field) made two basic errors - one in attack and one in defence. Both ended in scores for the opposition. Even then Bath seemed to be going through the motions - I presume set game plans for this situation - and proceeded to gift the game to Saracens.

    Forgive me but I thought Bath, under Bruce Craig, had set out to rule the game both at Premiership and European levels. How then can the senior Coach say it's OK to lose, we've got some positives to work on!

    I remain confused by the coaching approach and the so say game plan. I would suggest a very rapid relook at both is urgently required
    Announcements > Births, Deaths and Marriages > Derek Williams (Go To Message)
    Derek WilliamsNovember 23, 2010 @ 7:42pm
    We have just heard that Derek who played at outside half for Cardiff, Mountain Ash and Bath has died.

    Derek was born 14th November 1945 and passed away a few days ago on Nov. 18th.

    He had 11 first team games for Bath, the first one being 16.10.65 against Bristol.

    His team mates on that occasion were A.Gay, P.Sibley, G.Margaretts, T.Martland, B.O'Mara, J.Galley, P.Parfit, C.Buckle, F.Williams, P.Heindorff, R.Marson, W.Lye, A.Comer, and P Hall.

    No further details at this time are available, but if we have more information we will post it here.
    Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > BATH V BIARRITZ (Go To Message)
    Decisions, DecisionsNovember 8, 2010 @ 8:13pm
    I agree with your sentiments Tom. All too often there are forwards where backs should be and vice versa. Most times I am unsure about the game plan, whether the players all understand it and when it is common sense to ignore it!
    The use of 3 forwards as a centre field battering ram is so easy to spot and to defend. The forwards are standing still when they receive the ball and therefore there is no momentum. Invariably this leads to turnover ball. What a surprise!
    I also fail to understand the kicking game that Bath employ. The team wins good first phase ball, then puts the ball through the hands and recycles the ball five or six times. It then appears that we run out of ideas and decide to kick the ball to the opposition! The logic of these tactics defeats me and I would severely criticise the decision making at crucial stages of the game. The Biarritz game is a prime example
    Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > BATH V BIARRITZ (Go To Message)
    Biarritz matchOctober 20, 2010 @ 9:00pm
    The damage was done before the last 5 minutes. What about the stupid penalty and binning of the prop?
    How many times did Grewcock appear at centre when quick hands were needed? I could go on......
    It seems that all the 'decision makers' are seated on the touchline and the 15 on the field are lost at times.

    Tom Martland
    Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > BATH V BIARRITZ (Go To Message)
    BATH V BIARRITZOctober 17, 2010 @ 12:49pm
    It was such a pleasure to see such famous faces at the ground for this important match. Jean Pierre Lux and Serge Blanco of international fame, and the son of Eric August---,one of the original Bath v Dax golf instigators --Benoit, who was the hooker for Biarritz.
    I was, however,unable to understand why Bath decided NOT to take the drop goal option,when they were pressing so effectively in the latter part of the ssecond half.?
    It appeared to me that Oly was perfectly placed to kick the drop goal that could have won the match, as the forward platform was solid. Imagine my dismay,when two forwards left the solid wedge to join the threes, and in the process lost the ball!!
    We have been told frequently in the press that there are several quality decision makers on the field.May I ssuggest that on this sort of occasion ,we only need ONE to make a clear call.
    I look forward to yor comments and observations,as I may well have misread the situation
    John Rees[email][/email][email][/email]
    Announcements > Births, Deaths and Marriages > Joyce Weiss (Go To Message)
    Joyce WeissSeptember 5, 2010 @ 4:16pm
    We have just been informed that Joyce Wife of Ken Weiss has died aged 90. She would have been 91 on Sept 10th.
    Unfortunately she had been suffering from dementia brought about by mini strokes but had a bad stroke Tuesday morning July 31st.

    She leaves daughter Alison and sons Pat, Ian and Rodney.

    The funeral has been arranged at the Crematorium at Haycombe for Thursday September 16th at 2.00pm

    Alison can be contacted at "Lydford", Wells Road, Chilcompton, BA3 4ET
    Announcements > Births, Deaths and Marriages > 'Mabs' Matthews (Go To Message)
    'Mabs' MatthewsAugust 31, 2010 @ 7:48pm
    We are sorry to have to report that 'Mabs'Matthews, much loved wife of Leslie Matthews passed away this morning (August 31st 2010). Some time after Leslie died 'Mabs' moved to sheltered accommodation in Frome to be nearer her daughter Bridget. We are told that a month ago 'Mabs' fell and broke a leg and was taken to the Royal United Hospital for treatment and later transferred to the Cottage Hospital back in Frome where she passed away.
    Aged 93, she had spent some time without her long time partner Leslie, who many will recall, was a Founder Member of this Association.
    Funeral arrangements will be notified at a later date, but meanwhile Bridget and husband Ian Johnson can be contacted out of working hours on 01373 471918 or by post at 5 Holly Court, Frome, BA11 2SQ.

    The funeral has been arranged for 12.00 on September 15th at Haycombe Cemetary. Regretably a number of BPP Members that would have attended may not be able to do so as their monthly luncheon was arranged for the same day some time ago. Nevertheless those members will mark "Mabs" passing with respect.
    Announcements > Births, Deaths and Marriages > Richard Bassett (Go To Message)
    Richard BassettAugust 19, 2010 @ 8:29am
    We have received news of the death of Richard Bassett who, at the age of 76, passed away on July 12th 2010.

    Richard, a former player for Bath RFC during the amateur era, was never a member of our Association, succumbed to leukaemia. This information has been provided by Peter Fairman-Bourn who has been in correspondence with our Peter Hall.

    Richard (Dickie) Bassett had latterly been associated with Cheltenham RFC never missing their Club's AGM's.

    Members who would like more information might like to contact Peter Fairman-Bourn at rugbypfb@talktalk.net
    Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > Performance Director (Go To Message)
    150 year celebrationsJuly 1, 2010 @ 6:27pm
    The Bath Club will celebrate 150 years in 2015.
    In conjunction with Bath Rugby and the Bath Supporters we are looking for ideas about events and activities which could be held to celebrate the occasion. Have you got any ideas? If so, send them to me, Geoff Pillinger, at geoffpillinger@hotmail.com
    Announcements > HAVE YOUR SAY > Performance Director (Go To Message)
    Performance DirectorJuly 1, 2010 @ 6:24pm
    Have you seen the latest - the recruitment of Sir Ian McGeechan as Performance Director! It looks like The new owner has a very clear requirement for Bath to be the Number 1 Club in England, supported by the best personnel in their field.
    It looks like a good move to me as I see Steve Meehan and Ian McGeechan as having similar views on how the expansive game should be played

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