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    Photo Gallery

    ReUnion 2010 - 20 (in Annual Re-Union)Annual Re-Union

    Each year BPPA members gather in Bath for the Re-Union. It's a chance to meet and greet old familiar and not so familiar faces and enjoy the company of old playing colleagues

    Images: 72
    BPP sponsor the Walcot v Cheltenham match ball

    April 12th 2008 saw members of the BPP committee entertained to lunch by Walcot.

    Images: 9
    Lunch (in BPP sponsor the Walcot v Cheltenham match ball)
    Action in the distance (in Charity Match at Box 2007)Charity Match at Box 2007

    Chris Lilley organised a Charity Match at Box between Bath and Colerne.

    Images: 8
    Collecting at the Rec

    Past Players rattle their buckets at the Bath V Wasps match.

    Images: 16
    Late Collectors 2008 (in Collecting at the Rec)
    Christmas Dinner 2002 - 3 (in Committee Christmas Dinners)Committee Christmas Dinners

    As a thank you gesture for all their hard work in running the BPPA, the Committee holds an annual dinner

    Images: 21
    Golf Society

    One of the strongest and best supported activities carried out by the Past Players

    Images: 49
    Bath v Bristol & Henbury 2011 (in Golf Society)
    Bar time! (in Group Photographs)Group Photographs

    Images: 45
    Individual Past Players

    Players who graced the Rec during the amateur days from 1865 to 1995. Also included are non players who have given exceptional service to the Bath Club and have been recognised by the BPPA and awarded membership through their efforts

    Images: 617
    Parfitt - Alan  (in Individual Past Players)
    The massed crowds (in Lansdown Races)Lansdown Races

    The BPPA ventures into the world of horse racing for a night of drama, good food and wine and good company

    Images: 8
    Life Members

    Status awarded to members who have given outstanding service to the Bath Club and in particular, the Bath Past Players Association

    Images: 1
    Patchy Davis (in Life Members)
    May 2010 - 3 (in Luncheon Club)Luncheon Club

    Initiated in 2010 by the then President, Brian Jenkins. A chance to meet old friends for a chat, a pint and a lunchtime meal

    Images: 13

    Items of memorabilia obtained from Past Players scrapbooks

    Images: 20
    Julian Darling 6 (in Memorabilia)
    Line up for the flash bang wallop (in Memorial Charity Match at Box 2008)Memorial Charity Match at Box 2008

    Big names turn out in Box to raise money for charity. Chris Lilley organised a Robbie Lye Memorial Match at Box between Bath and Colerne. The proceeds went to 4 deserving charities, including our own Benevolent Fund

    Images: 18

    Images: 78
    Training in 1956 (in Miscellaneous)
    Les Pring, Hero (in Newspaper Articles)Newspaper Articles

    Cuttings from The Bath Chronicle and National newspapers

    Images: 13
    President's Chosen Charity

    Each President, supported by the Committee, has the ability to choose a worthy Charity or cause each year. The charities will in some way support the game of Rugby

    Images: 5
    On the mend (in President's Chosen Charity )
    Stent - Derek (in Presidents)Presidents

    Images: 10
    Rugby Old Times

    The magazine created in 1962 to keep members informed about past players, their welfare and their activities - plus a whole lot more!

    Images: 1
    The first edition (in Rugby Old Times)
    BPPA v Oldfield March 2007 (in Skittles)Skittles

    Images: 5

    Images: 84
    S23 2 23rd Annual Smoker (in Smokers)
    1st December 2006 - 8 (in Social Extravaganza)Social Extravaganza

    A Social gathering is planned for each year to encourage as many members as possible to get together and enjoy each others company

    Images: 8
    Sponsor the Ball

    BPPA sponsorship of the match ball for Combination Clubs

    Images: 31
    Combe Down v Nailsea and Backwell - 4 (in Sponsor the Ball)
    Bath v Mr Hylton Cleavers International XV (in Team Photographs)Team Photographs

    Bath Rugby Teams through the years

    Images: 34
    Visits to other Clubs

    BPPA visits to cement our ties with other Premier and 1st Division Clubs that we played against in the amateur days

    Images: 24
    London Welsh 2008 - 5 (in Visits to other Clubs)

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